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Okinawan Vegetables

The Yanbaru region

The Yanbaru regionThe Yanbaru region

The northern area of Okinawa, commonly called the “Yanbaru” region,
is a subtropical region located at latitude 27 degrees north. Aiming to
grow vegetables that can only be grown in Yanbaru, which is
surrounded by the beautiful sea, mountains, and rivers, Mr. Yoshino
diligently tends his fields every day.

Established the “Okinawa Harusaa Club”

Established the “Okinawa Harusaa Club”Established the “Okinawa Harusaa Club”

In February 2009, Mr. Yoshino established the “Okinawa Harusaa Club” for young
farmers. Unlike the conventional method of simply distributing their produce to
markets, by taking care of planning and sales activities themselves, farmers are able
to convey the attractiveness of Yanbaru vegetables directly to consumers. The Club
was established to bring more energy and vigor to Yanbaru.

The secrets of longevity and staying healthy

The secrets of longevity and staying healthyThe secrets of longevity and staying healthy

The people living here are so healthy, an elderly man around the age of 70 who is tending
his field asks to be called “young man.” Mr. Yoshida says that the daily consumption of vegetables made in this region where the
sun shines directly from above and using soil made from elevated coral reef that’s rich in
minerals differentiates them from fields of other regions, and results in longevity.

Yanbaru Spice

Yanbaru SpiceYanbaru Spice

In 2011, through the collaborative efforts of the Okinawa Harusaa Club and local
restaurants, they discovered that they could grow various spices. Centering on nine
types of spices, they began manufacturing and selling the Yanbaru Spice. Akira
Watanabe, known as the “preacher of curry & spice”, provided the spice-mixing
recipe. The most notable characteristic of the Yanbaru Spice is its rich aroma and
can be used to add flavor to a variety of dishes. It has become an essential item for
the local people.

Yanbaru is delicious

Yanbaru is deliciousYanbaru is delicious

The theme of the Okinawa Harusaa Club is “Yanbaru is delicious.” The setting is Yanbaru, the northern part of the main island of Okinawa. Farmers
and restaurants are joining forces to utilize local resources and spread the good
word that “Yanbaru is delicious” to people all around Japan as well as in the world.
Aiming to create “Japan’s most energetic and resourceful region, Yanbaru”, club
members are taking part in various new efforts every day.

Representative of Cooksonia Co., Ltd. Agricultural Production Corporation. Yukio Yoshino

Representative of Cooksonia Co., Ltd. Agricultural Production Corporation.Yukio Yoshino

Born in Tokyo. Thirteen years ago when he was 32-years old, Yoshino aspired to become a full-time farmer and moved to Okinawa. He used to work in vegetable wholesale trade industry.
He launched the Yanbaru Harusaa Project and currently takes part in activities mainly in Nago City, where he currently lives, to strengthen ties with local communities and aim for the development of the entire Yanbaru region through agriculture.

Cooksonia Co., Ltd. Agricultural Production Corporation
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