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Fish Market



With the aim of promoting Okinawa’s seafood, Tomari-Iyumachi was built here in May 2005 (inside Tomari Fishing Port
in Minato-machi, Naha City). Here, in addition to the shops of Okinawa Fisheries Cooperative Association’s 23 fishery
product wholesalers and tuna and mozuku seaweed specialty shops, they’ve built a fish carving and processing room
where tourists can watch the process through a glass window. The volume of landing is an average of 20 tons a day.
On busy days, it can reach 50 tons. Of the fish landed, approximately 70% are tuna. Each shop sells fresh seafood
landed that day and the market is bustling with many locals and tourists.

The fish of Tomari-Iyumachi

The fish of Tomari-IyumachiThe fish of Tomari-Iyumachi

Unlike other regions in Japan, Okinawan fish are colorful and resembles fish that are
caught in Southeast Asia. The many fabulous Okinawan fish that are landed such as
miibai and akajin (grouper) are not only colorful, but they’re also flavorful and high
in quality. At Iyumachi, the most famous fish is tuna, which accounts to over 70% of
all the fish landed here. Tuna that pass the strict inspection of dealers are sold
under the brand name “Churaumi Tuna” and has become popular nationwide.

The fish of Iyumachi and health

The fish of Iyumachi and healthThe fish of Iyumachi and health

Iyumachi dealers have pride in purchasing fish that will be appreciated no matter
who eats them. Okinawans frequently eat fresh sashimi, and Mr. Kuniyoshi says that
this is the source of the vitality and longevity of the Okinawans.

Spreading Churaumi Tuna overseas

Spreading Churaumi Tuna overseasSpreading Churaumi Tuna overseas

Mr. Kuniyoshi says that “Since it has become common to eat raw tuna overseas, I
want foreign tourists to try out Churaumi Tuna.” When you visit Okinawa, come to
Iyumachi and savor the flavorful Churaumi Tuna. You’ll definitely get a taste of the
pride of the dealers.

Representative, Kamiya Farm  Chikao Kamiya

Okinawa Fresh Fish Distribution Association (President)Hitoshi Kuniyoshi

Serves as a president of the association from 2014. Organizer of various events such as tuna carving shows, bidding simulations for visitors, and special fairs that allow visitors to buy fish at half the original price. He aims to make Okinawa’s brand name “Okinawa Churaumi Tuna” become even more recognized and to increase consumption.

Okinawa Fresh Fish Distribution Association
1-1-18 Minatomachi, Naha, Okinawa, Japan