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What is Pineapple-Pork?

What is Pineapple-Pork?What is Pineapple-Pork?

Kamiya Farm, a pig farmer in Itoman City, collaborated with Kanemasa Meat
, a meat dealer, processor, and seller in Yonabaru Town and mixed pineapple into the feed to
co-develop Pineapple-Pork. Development of this pork began after they took note
that meat becomes tender when mixed with pineapple in dishes such as sweet and
sour pork. About 1,700 pigs are shipped each year. “Pineapple-Pork Jun” is a brand
that gained popularity even outside the prefecture for its buttery tenderness.

Being conscious about how to raise pigs

Being conscious about how to raise pigsBeing conscious about how to raise pigs

At Kamiya Farm, extra attention is given to the water that the pigs drink. The water
that’s made using a special device contains static electricity and makes water that’s
healthy for living creatures. By feeding the pigs this water that’s even used for
treating diseases, they’re able to raise high-quality pigs.

Highly-nutritious and healthy

Highly-nutritious and healthyHighly-nutritious and healthy

The characteristics of “Pineapple-Pork Jun” is obvious when one looks at the table of
ingredients. Compared to regular pork, it has 10-20% less calories and fat. On the
other hand, the amount of vitamin B2 is 1.5 times more, amino acids such as leucine
and lysine that provide sweetness is 4 to 5 times more, and unsaturated fatty acids
are 2 times more. This proves that “Jun” is indeed a healthy and flavorful pork.

Reaching out overseas

Reaching out overseasReaching out overseas

“Since it’s rich in nutrients and is healthy, Pineapple-Pork must be an attractive food
not only for the Japanese, but also for health-conscious Europeans and Americans,
too.” says Shuji Ura, President of Kanemasa Meat. Come visit Okinawa to savor this
attractive pork that was raised through a thorough quality control system.

Representative, Kamiya Farm  Chikao Kamiya

Representative, Kamiya FarmChikao Kamiya

Runs Kamiyama farm with his wife. With the intention of wanting to have people “eat safe and delicious pork”, he raises brand name pigs that ensure high standards in every aspect: taste, constituents, and quality. Their products are served in hotels and restaurants in Okinawa prefecture.

President and CEO, Kanemasa Meat  Shuji Ura

President and CEO, Kanemasa MeatShuji Ura

Runs a butcher which is owned by his family for three generations. He has been acquiring the knowledge of meat from his father and grandfather. Co-developed Pineapple-Pork with Kamiya Farm and distributed it not only within Okinawa Prefecture, but also nationwide. Runs the ”Yonabaru shokudo”, a local diner, in his hometown Yonabaru.

Yonabaru shokudo (Yonabaru diner)
513 Yonabaru, Yonabaru, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa, Japan