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  • #2022

    Bloom Your Heart

    The Time Has Come.
    To Open Ourselves Up Again.
    To Feel More.
    To Be You.

    Welcome To Okinawa,
    Where The Land Nourishes Your Mind And Body,
    The Light And Wind Awakens Your Senses
    And The Culture Opens Your Eyes To A New World.

    We Are Flowers. Every One Of Us.
    Let Us Remember Being In Bloom.

  • #2021


    These Islands, Jewels Spread Across A Deep Blue Sea. Once The Ryukyu Kingdom, Today Home To A Proud, Unique And Beautiful Culture. The Islands Boast An Amazing Natural World, With Jungled Hills, Mangrove-Lined Inlets, Sandy Beaches And Rocky Islets. Beyond Are The Fish-Filled Reefs Of The Crystalline Waters. Ideal For Exploration.

    It All Awaits: Often Unchanged, Always Alive: Okinawa.

  • #2019


  • #2016

    Life, By Okinawa

    Our Story Comes From Knowing That Compared To Other Cultures And Destinations, This Place Is Special. We Invited Three Groups From Around The World To Enjoy The Islands And Show What Life In Okinawa Looks And Feels Like.

  • #2015

    The Secret Is Out

    Okinawa Is An Authentic Place Where You Can’t Help But Be Your True Self. Let’s See The Effect These Magical Islands Can Have On Travellers.

  • #2014

    A Journey Of Discovery

    Get Ready To Embark On A Journey Of Discovery That Will Thrill, Amaze, And Inspire. Your Destination? Okinawa, One Of Asia’s Hottest Travel Destinations And Still One Of The World’s Best-Kept Secrets. Join Our Hand-Picked Team Of Seven Travellers From Seven Countries As They Experience The Beauty And Wonder Of This Slice Of Tropical Paradise. Each Traveller Has A Special Skill That Will Showcase The Very Best Okinawa Has To Offer, And With Unique Challenges Created For Each Of Them, You Just Never Know What’ll Happen Next! So Get Ready For Some Serious Excitement, Okinawa Style.

  • #2013

    Be.Okinawa 2013

    Okinawa Is A Place Of Beautiful Nature And Warm-Hearted People, Where You Can Be Your True Self.
    The Be. Okinawa Symbol Embodies These Facets Of Okinawa.
    “Be.” Is A Warm Expression Of Welcome, And An Invitation From Okinawans For Guests To Partake In An Experience.