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A Fresh Travel Guide


Where to go in OKINAWA? - A Fresh Travel Guide -

This travel guide is full of the charm and sights of Okinawa, a trendy distination right now.
Based on three different travel themes, a variety of spots have been carefully selected to allow you to customize your trip to suit your own style of travel.

A stunning beach with direct access to one of the world’s few coral reefs


Furuzamami Beach is the main beach on Zamami Island, part of the Kerama Islands. The bright white coral beach and clear blue waters of its ocean make this one of the most beautiful beaches in Okinawa. By swimming just a few meters away from the water’s edge, visitors can observe and play with the many colored tropical fish that swim there. The beach is also a popular snorkeling point. Ama Beach in the village is known as a sea turtle spawning ground, and lucky visitors may even be fortunate enough to encounter a sea turtle while snorkeling there.

Furuzamami Beach (Old Zamami Beach)

Address: Zamami, Zamami-son, Okinawa
Website: http://www.vill.zamami.okinawa.jp/guidemap/detail/154/


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