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A Fresh Travel Guide


Where to go in OKINAWA? - A Fresh Travel Guide -

This travel guide is full of the charm and sights of Okinawa, a trendy distination right now.
Based on three different travel themes, a variety of spots have been carefully selected to allow you to customize your trip to suit your own style of travel.

Experience the world of Kume Island’s traditional woven fabrics


Kumejima Tsumugi is a silk woven fabric. Each individual item is woven passionately by local weavers, from thread dyed using natural dyestuffs made from vegetation that grow indigenously on Kume Island. Kumejima Tsumugi’s distinctive feature is its smooth flexible texture, and it has been designated as an item of Important Intangible Cultural Heritage by the Japanese government. The Yuimaru-kan center has a shop that exhibits and sells various items of Kumejima Tsumugi, as well as booths that enable visitors to observe the history and production processes involved in creating the cloth. It also runs hands-on demonstration classes where visitors can try their hand at dyeing and weaving.

Kumejima Tsumugi no Sato Yuimaru-kan

Address: 1878-1 Maja, Kumejima-cho, Okinawa
Website: www.kume-tumugi.com
Hours: 9am to 5pm
Closed: January 16 of the old calendar
*A prior reservation is required to participate in the dyeing and weaving demonstrations, and for observational tours of two or more people.


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