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A Fresh Travel Guide


Where to go in OKINAWA? - A Fresh Travel Guide -

This travel guide is full of the charm and sights of Okinawa, a trendy distination right now.
Based on three different travel themes, a variety of spots have been carefully selected to allow you to customize your trip to suit your own style of travel.

Enjoy a beachside yoga experience


Okinawa Beach yoga is a unique experience in which participants can feel the refreshing sea breeze as they practice yoga on the beach, something made possible by Okinawa’s ideal location as a small island surrounded by the waters of the Pacific Ocean and East China Sea. Participants can choose from a selection of ten beach venues, covering both the northern and southern areas of the island. The locations and session times are also pleasingly convenient, enabling visitors the choice to participate near their accommodation spots, and either before or after sightseeing. Why not calm your body and mind with a relaxing yoga session as you enjoy an awe-inspiring Okinawan sunrise or romantic sunset.

Okinawa Beach Yoga

Venue locations:
A total of 10 beaches in Okinawa Prefecture (Anchi Beach (Sesoko Island), 21st Century Forest Beach, Nago Citizens Beach, Nabi Beach, Zanpa Beach, Toguchi Beach, Araha Beach, Senaga Island, Mibaru Beach & Gushichan Beach)
Website: https://beach-yoga.net
Session times: Morning Yoga: around 6am to 7am, Sunset Yoga: around 5pm to 6pm
*Times may vary depending on the season. Sessions may be cancelled due to rain. Minimum number of participants for a session to be held: 2 participants.
Closed: N/A (classes held every day)
*For reservations, please apply via the website.


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