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A Fresh Travel Guide


Where to go in OKINAWA? - A Fresh Travel Guide -

This travel guide is full of the charm and sights of Okinawa, a trendy distination right now.
Based on three different travel themes, a variety of spots have been carefully selected to allow you to customize your trip to suit your own style of travel.

Communicating the culinary culture of Okinawa to the world


Taste of Okinawa offers cooking experience programs in English for foreign visitors. The first stop is the “Ingredients Tour,” where participants take a tour around the various butchers and fishmongers stalls, etc., at Makishi Public Market. This is followed by a hands-on food preparation demonstration under the direction of the program instructor. The programs enable participants to learn about the ingredients and culinary dishes that underpin the long-life culture of Okinawa. The night-time restaurant also offers an extensive lineup of alcoholic beverages with numerous Okinawan craft beers, allowing diners to enjoy an authentic island drink with their meals.

Taste of Okinawa

Address: 1-6-21 Tsuboya, Naha-shi, Okinawa
Website: https://tasteof.okinawa
Hours: 5pm to 11pm
Closed: Mondays
*Cooking demonstrations require a reservation.
Tuesday to Sunday (3:30pm to 6:30pm)


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